Infertility amidst overpopulation

We reached a milestone this week as the world’s population crossed 7 billion. We breached 6 billion in 1999 so it took us only twelve short years to add a billion humans to our already stretched resources. That means 1000 million in twelve years or an astounding 83 million every year! As governments ponder on how to feed, clothe, employ, provide social services and look after the health of these extra people, another increasing trend is also at play- the falling of fertility and birth rates worldwide. So whilst population continues to escalate, another segment of humanity struggles to have even one child to call their own. Such is the dilemma of the policymakers- to encourage population control while at the same time providing fertility services to those in need.  And since we are already overpopulated, it is no surprise that governments do not spend large sums on free or subsidised fertility clinics.

Now do you see why infertility treatment is mainly available in the private sector worldwide, and not in government hospitals? Or that even in public hospitals, you still have to pay for it when most other services (eg childbirth) are heavily subsidised or free?


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