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by Dr Agilan Arjunan, Fertility Specialist, KL Fertility Centre ( Malaysia)


KLF Forum IUI or IVF-Dr Agilan

About Agilan

A fertility specialist who believes " If there is hope in the future , there will be power in the present" .
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7 Responses to Fertility Forum :

  1. IVF Patient says:

    very Interesting and inspirational story of IVF, doctor.

  2. Agilan says:

    hi, first time, I helped them. Subsequently they can do it themselves. Thanks

  3. Agilan says:

    Hi Jessie. This procedure is called Intra-Vaginal Insemination. For the first time, the procedure is done in the clinic. I normally teach the couple on how to do it. Subsequent trials can be done at home.

  4. Agilan says:

    Hi Jessie. The treatment is called Intra-Vaginal Insemination. Initial treatment is done in my clinic and couples can try it at home every month once they are comfortable doing it.

  5. Agilan says:

    Hi Jessie, the procedure is known as Intra vaginal insemination. First procedure done in clinic and subsequently can be done at home. If you need more information , kindly email me at : agilan@klfertility.com .

  6. Jessie says:

    Hi Dr Agilan,

    Your story on Painful Sex and No Baby : How a couple overcomed it is very encouraging. May I know the couple insert the thin tube by themselves or Dr Agilan helped them. What is this treatment called? Thanks

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