Good food, great sperm.

Good nutrition improves sperm

Good Nutrition improves male fertility

More links between food and sperm. Researchers at the University of Murcia in Spain, enrolled young male volunteers into a study to assess the effects of diet on sperm quality. The first group were asked to eat a “western” diet – a diet rich in red meat, refined carbs, sweets and energy drinks. The second group were asked to eat a “prudent” diet- a diet rich in fish, fruit, vegetables and grains.

After three months, sperm tests were done to assess sperm parameters such as concentration(sperm count), motility (movement) and morphology (shape). Those who had the prudent diet demonstrated significantly better sperm movement while the sperm of men with the western diets was found to be less likely to survive the journey to fertilise an egg, the researchers said.

So here is simple advice for men trying to start families. Eat healthy and your partner is likely to get pregnant faster. In Malaysia, we are blessed with an abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and grain (rice). Eat like our parents and we will reproduce as they did!

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