Junk food and male infertility

Poor nutrition affects sperm

Junk food affects sperm quality

We are what we eat. Time and again we are told this but choose to ignore it. A recent study conducted in the US shows surprisingly strong association between the intake of junk food and quality of sperm. It appears that a diet high in trans fatty acids, found abundantly in junk foods and snacks, reduces sperm quality. This in turn reduces the ability of sperm to fertilise an egg and can lead to lower pregnancy chances for the female partner.

Young men between the ages of 18 to 22 years old were asked to keep a food diary and this was correlated to their sperm quality. Those with the highest intake of junk foods had the lowest quality. The lead author of the study, Audrey Gaskins says “The main overall finding of our work is that a healthy diet seems to be beneficial for semen quality.”

Nicely put, Audrey. Now all we have to do is convince the young gentlemen in our families to eat healthy. Given modern lifestyles of the young, it seems like a tall order.

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