Folic Acid boosts sperm

Women who are intending to get pregnant are advised to be on folic acid to prevent certain brain and spine defects (known as neural tube defects in medical terms) but it now appears that the same vitamin can also improve sperm quality, and specifically, the chromosomal makeup of the sperm.

A study done by the University of California found a link between chromosomal abnormalities in sperm and folic acid intake. It appears that as folic acid intake increased, so did the number of chromosomally normal sperm. And overall, if there was adequate folic intake, there was almost 20% reduction in the number of abnormal sperm.

As though that wasn’t enough, folic acid will also reduce the risk of heart attacks in men.

Folic acid is a cheap and easily available vitamin with no side effects when taken orallyl. It is also present in dark green leafy vegetables, green beans (eg french and long beans), broccoli, fruits such as oranges, papayas and bananas as well as liver.

Folic Acid is cheap and easily available
Folic Acid is cheap and easily available

It is widely available in any pharmacy & is a component of most multivitamin preparations. So please do take one daily and make sure that your partner takes one too!

Source: Human Reproduction. 23(5): 1014-22

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