World’s oldest mother

The happy couple

The happy couple

Here we go again. Another world’s oldest mother story. And they keep getting older!

And how is it done? An egg donated by another younger and more fertile woman is  removed from her body and used to create an embryo outside the body by ivf. This is then transfered into the uterus of the woman who wants to be pregnant. Of course there are many steps in between but it is technically possible. There are many women who cannot have a baby because their ability to produce eggs is impaired e.g. after cancer treatment or when the woman has early menopause.  In these special situations, ovum (egg) donation is justified. However when we start encouraging 70 year old women, it opens a whole ethical debate. Just because it can be done, does it mean that we should?

Now let’s wait till someone else tests the water with an even older woman!

Here is the story from AFP

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