How many ivf attempts?

I often get asked if it is worth trying again after a failed attempt. And almost always, i tell patients that it is. Simply because in our clinic, the pregnancy rate is almost the same between the first and the second, and only marginally less at the third attempt.

Now i have more confirmatory data. The Cornell University group in New York, one of the most successful and busy units there has just analysed the data for almost 9000 ivf/icsi cycles and have come to the same conclusion. Even in the older patient (age 36-39 yrs) the decrease in pregnancy rate small (41% at the first attempt, 25% at the fourth).

4 well dish for culturing embryos

4 well dish for culturing embryos

In women over 40 years where we should theoretically see lower pregnancy rates there was no significant difference between the first and fourth attempt!

Governments all over the world recognise this fact, and in countries where ivf treatment is paid for, patients are entitled to anywhere between three (UK and EC countries) and six (Australia) free attempts.

So  if you are wondering if it will work next time, remember that scientific data shows that it is always worth repeating the treatment.

And do it without too much delay. It is not how many times that makes a big difference, it is your age which does. Remember the greater your age, the lower the chance.

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