25 years in IVF

Oh my gosh, I just realised it is now a quarter century since I first embarked down the fertility path. A patient today pointed it out and congratulated me! I suppose it is an achievement but it does deserve some reflection. So in the next ten posts, I am going to list down some of the big changes that have occurred since I did my first IVF in 1989. That was very much the pioneering age of ivf. We knew some of the science of reproduction and what little we did know was used to help as many patients as we could. The first clinic I worked in was so busy we started work at 730 in the morning and didn’t finish till late evening. Patients queued outside the clinic door even before opening time. That was when there were hardly any ivf units around, and people came from all over the world to London for treatment.

Some of the pioneers were real characters. My own mentor, Ian Craft, was a wonderful example of this idiosyncratic breed. Professor Robert Edwards, the ivf pioneer was another such example and I had the great privilege of  knowing him as well as spending some time in his laboratory. Who knew then that he would go on to get a Nobel Prize for his work.

It has truly been a privilege and blessing for me to be a part of this fertility family. I can genuinely say that I have enjoyed every day of my time as a fertility specialist and the satisfaction that I get from my work. I really don’t know what else I would have done, or what other life I could have chosen in medicine if not for this.


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