25 years in IVF – part 2

My journey through IVF has been a wonderful passage across three continents and many countries. After training in the UK to become a fertility specialist, I then spent six years in Dubai setting up and running what was then the largest unit in the Middle East. That was a fascinating time, when not everything we needed to run an ivf clinic was readily available and we learned to cheerfully improvise and make do with what was available. The unit down the road was trying to do ivf in camels, and we also had a link with a doctor in Zimbabwe who was trying to do ivf in Lions to replenish the depleting lion population there!! What exciting times those were. Pre- email, internet & skype we would write long laborious letters to each other or speak on the phone to try help each other out.

Eventually we had a superbly successful human & camel ivf unit, but sadly the lion ivf failed because of funding issues.

And then in 1997 I finally returned to Malaysia and my alma mater, University Malaya. The journey as a fresh graduate from UM, through the UK and back home via Dubai had taken almost 15 years.

I found these pictures recently. Taken in the nineties, they show babies from the Dubai Fertility Center and the blurred chap with the full head of hair standing at the back is me!!

Dubai 1Dubai 2


Over the next ten posts I intend to write down what I feel are the most significant changes that have occurred in the field of fertility medicine since I started this journey. Keep reading.

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