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Research in ivfHow do busy fertility doctors keep up with the latest research? One common way is to read scientific journals. The other is to attend research meetings where not only do we get a chance to hear scientific presentations, but also get an opportunity to ask questions and have meaningful discussions with fellow colleagues. Here in Malaysia, we do minimal research into eggs, sperm and embryos so it is always a welcome chance when we get to go to an international meeting. This year I chose the ESHRE meeting in Rome. Big mistake! Meeting or visit the sights? It was a daily struggle to go to the congress centre when the sights of Rome beckon you.

But what a meeeting! Almost 900 scientific presentations from over 75 countries and an audience of  almost 8000 doctors and embryologists from around the world. The world of fertility medicine moves very fast and new innovations are being introduced daily across the world. What we learn from the presentations and discussions is introduced into our practice and that in turn helps our patients achieve more successful pregnancies. That is how we keep abreast of the latest developments. But the battle remains- meeting or taking in the sounds and sights. It’s a struggle, I tell you!

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