EPF withdrawal for IVF treatment?

IVF money from EPF?

There is no doubt that fertility treatment is expensive. And success is not guaranteed, so the treatment may have to be repeated, incurring more cost. So any financial help available is most welcome. Our neighbour down south allows its citizens to withdraw money from the provident fund to help pay for ivf treatment. Why not here? Someone in the corridors of power must have heard the thousands of requests and prayers. At the recent 2nd National Reproductive Medicine Congress here in Kuala Lumpur, the Minister of Health announced that his Ministry would propose to the Cabinet that Malaysians also be allowed to tap into their EPF savings for IVF  treatment. It may take a while for all this to materialise, but at least someone has made the first move. Congratulations to the Minister for listening to the Rakyat’s plea and acting on it.

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