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Human Genetic Modification : Our Saviour?

Since the beginning of field of medicine, from the ancient Egyptian to Babylonians to the Greeks, we have always tried to find the cure for many diseases. Modern medicine has advanced so much so as to be able to read … Continue reading

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The Future of Male Infertility

      by Dr.Agilan. Male factor is the cause for about 1/3 of infertility. However, the role of male- cause infertility is in the rise and many researches has confirmed this fact. Nevertheless, male partner is often the “forgotten” … Continue reading

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Vitamin D Improves IVF Success Rate

  We consume multivitamins as daily supplements. Of all the vitamins , Vitamin D is of particular interest in the world of infertility. Let me enlighten all my readers about Vitamin D and infertility. Vitamin D or ‘sunshine vitamin’ is … Continue reading

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