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Celine Dion having IVF twins

Congratulations to Celine Dion, the lady with the incredible voice and a great stage personality. She is having twins by ivf. So what you say? Well, it so happens that she needed SIX attempts at ivf before she is finally … Continue reading

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Male ageing increases sperm damage

As men get older, the degree of sperm damage increases.¬†¬†One of the ¬†presentations at the ESHRE meeting in Rome scientifically looked at the degree of damage to sperm DNA, the building blocks of our genes and chromosomes. The results are … Continue reading

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Fertility Research Meetings

How do busy fertility doctors keep up with the latest research? One common way is to read scientific journals. The other is to attend research meetings where not only do we get a chance to hear scientific presentations, but also … Continue reading

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